The System Ineffectiveness Compromises Access to Justice-PASI Camp Courts Taming the Situation: The Case of a Homicide Remandee Awaiting Judgment for Ten Years Due to Missing File

PASI Paralegal Congratulates Mr Mwale on his being ReleasedFor a whole of ten-year period since 2013, Mr Mateyu Charles Mwale, a homicide remandee at Maula Prison, has been awaiting judgment after the trial in 2013. Little did he know that his file went missing, and he was on remand with no hope of seeing his judgment after trial.

In the year 2023, PASI arranged a Camp Court for homicide reamndees in collaboration with Legal Aid Bureau. The initiative was funded by the Irish Rule of Law International. As PASI paralegals followed up the case of Mr. Mwale, PASI included Mr. Mwale on the list of a Homicide Camp Court. The Legal Aid Bureau lawyer represented Mr. Mwale when he appeared before a judge of the High Court on 8th of March 2023.  The High Court released Mr. Mwale unconditionally. In the Picture, PASI Paralegal (in waist coat) congratulates Mr. Mwale on his unconditional release.

PASI has been organizing Camp Courts in prisons since early 2000. The aim is to address ineffectiveness of the justice system so that people access justice timely. For the period 2018 to 2022 with support from the European Union and UNDP, PASI has facilitated 416 Camp Courts which resulted in the release of 6,814 remandees from unlawful detention.

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